Grappling With Podcast

Unpacking the Hype Around Saunas

July 25, 2022 Grappling With Season 1 Episode 29
Grappling With Podcast
Unpacking the Hype Around Saunas
Show Notes

In this episode we go in-depth on how saunas can be a super beneficial addition to a healthy lifestyle and bjj recovery. We discuss the health benefits, what the heat is doing to the body, for recovery post-workout, infrared vs traditional, red light therapy and more. 

 0:00 Intro/Grappling Industries Recap 
10:40 Sauna Health Benefits 
21:45 BJJ & Heat Exposure 
32:13 Aging & Neurodegenerative Disease Benefits 
35:08 Mometic Exercise Benefits 
46:41 Alternative Means of Heat Exposure 
50:16 Infrared vs Traditional 
55:27 Red Light Therapy vs Infrared 
1:07:38 Consulting a Doctor 
1:14:15 Mikey Musumeci Diet 
1:22:00 Sauna Brands 

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